Alley Cat

Tank: Forever 21, skirt: H&M, sandals: Sam Edelman, belt: LF, purse: Reform School.

Welcome to the first entry of Babesicle’s Alley Cat series, where I forage through Sacramento’s (and beyond) coolest alleys! 

Functionally speaking, alleys are just private passageways, but esthetically speaking, they hold a certain quaint appeal, lending themselves to cool, chipping paint; overgrown vegetation; and maybe some cool street art. They supply a nice break from the bustle of the streets, and each feels unique from the next. They’ve always stimulated my affinity for whimsical, secret garden-type spaces, and I think the right alley can offer substantial charm to any neighborhood. Oh, and they’re also the perfect place for a photo shoot!

Midtown Sacramento has a ton of alleys, and my friend, Navid, and I couldn’t have stumbled across a more fitting one for my Navajo-inspired outfit. I love the salmon, mint green, and Southwestern paintings!

Meow! See you next time! Alley Cat out.

P.S. Can anyone guess where this alley is located?

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  • Reply mlabi 07/22 at 10:25 pm

    I know! 18th-ish and one of those south-letter streets. Maybe U or V?

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