Fringe Benefits


Jumpsuit: Forever 21 // Fringe jacket: Cuffs (similar) // clutch: Zady // shoes: Forever 21 

To me, going to a show in the winter is all about the waiting-in-line factor. As someone whose teeth chatter involuntarily in a very exaggerated, cartoon-like way whenever it’s under 60 degrees, it’s important for me not to be miserable while waiting to get into a concert. Alas, a fleece onesie wouldn’t be socially acceptable so I will settle for a heavy jacket with edgy details and a comfy jumpsuit (upside: still has onesie qualities).

I think what’s most important is wearing breathable materials in which you can move and get hot and sweaty. Wearing a lower, chunkier heel has also made me much happier toward the end of the night.

As I’ve reached my late twenties, I find myself reaching for my leather bootie shorts less and less, more often opting for casual layers. Come summer, I’ll probably still wear them though. I mean, I’m not that old and crusty yet! 😉

I’d originally planned this outfit for the Tycho DJ set in San Francisco this past Friday, but I got sick and ended up staying at home the whole weekend. I did see them twice last year, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Oh, just having a hair moment.

Swish, swish.


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