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I did it, guys! I completed the Liquidology Three-Day Juice and Food Feast! I’m such a fan of their juices, it was actually quite a treat. Between the juice-only and the juice-and-food option, I of course chose the option that includes food. That seemed like a no-brainer to me since craving solid food is such a bummer when you’re on a liquid-only cleanse. Right off the bat, here are some answers to some questions I would have about a cleanse:

  • Did I lose weight? I lost about a pound or two, and my clothes fit better. It was a good jump start to eating cleaner as a lifestyle, not just for three days.
  • Did I feel good during? For the most part. A little out of it and frustrated the second day. But after some encouragement from the Liquidology team to supplement the plan with snacks, I felt a lot better.
  • Was I hungry? Again, only during the second day. Once I reached the third day, it felt like my body leveled out and acclimated to the menu.
  • How much is the cleanse? The Three-Day Juice and Food Feast is $175.
  • Do I feel better, “cleaner”? I do! Especially since I was in a place where I’d been indulging a little bit too much (I tend to overdo it with dessert!), it feels good to reset my body and decrease cravings for sweets.
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The Menu

Each day, you get to eat or drink ten times per day! The cleanse is about eating and drinking clean, not about deprivation, so you get to enjoy munching or drinking something tasty all day long. Here is what a menu for the Three-Day Cleanse looks like*:

Day 1 and Day 2

1- 8 oz of Rose Water
2) One Superfood Protein Bite
3) Vitality Juice
4) City Scout Juice
5)One Superfood Protein Bite
6) Glow Juice
7) 8 oz. of Chlorophyll H2O
8) Spring Rolls
After Dinner Snack
9) Cinnamon Coconut H2O
10) One Superfood Protein Bite
*Menus may vary slightly. I told co-owner Jules that I was interested in skin-brightening results particularly, so she made sure to throw in a few Rose Waters, which I loved. There’s something so luxurious about rose water, whether you’re consuming it or using it as a facial spray etc. And my skin was nice and glowy by the end of the cleanse!
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Day 3

1- 8 oz of Rose Water
2) One Superfood Protein Bite
3) Vitality Juice
4) Glow Juice
5)One Superfood Protein Bite
6) Cinnamon Coconut H2O
7) Superfood Protein Bite
8) 8 oz. of Rose Water
9) Spring Rolls
After Dinner Snack
10) About Last Night


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The superfood protein bites were so good! Packed with oats, and little bits of chocolate, I found myself looking forward to these protein-packed treats.

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Liquidology provides a guide to their cleanse, complete with a step-by-step menu and advice for possible “detox symptoms.”IMG_5612 copy

This is what one day looks like. Oscar looks like he might like a taste!

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Out of all of the various juices that were a part of the cleanse, I most enjoyed the City Scout juice (fresh orange juice, wildflower honey, cinnamon), the Coco Bomb (coconut meat, coconut water, cinnamon), and the Rose Water (distilled H2O, Bulgarian rose water, maple syrup) the most. The Chlorophyll Water was also interesting. It has a very subtle taste and just looked so pretty – like a very deep aquamarine color. The aesthete in me really loved the beauty in all the Liquidology products!IMG_5641 copy

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Photography by: Colour Me Classic/Common Space Sacramento

Ed. note: This post was sponsored by Liquidology. The cleanse received in exchange for placement on Babesicle allows me to purchase props, hire a photographer, and allows for the development of additional dynamic content to be produced. While the cleanse was complimentary, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Thank you for supporting Babesicle!

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    I have been dying to try Liquidology! It always looks so good. You are so pretty by the way.So nice finding another Sac blogger!

    Glam Hungry Mom

    • Reply Vanessa 09/19 at 8:44 pm

      You should definitely try it when you get a chance! I love the City Scout juice, which is orange or mandarin with cinnamon and elderflower honey. So good and satisfying! Great to find your blog as well!

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