Pink and Gold Valentine


Shirt: Viva Vena // skirt: Asos // necklace: J. Crew (similar) // boots: H by Hudson 

Hope you all had a splendid Valentine’s Day! From my perspective, it seemed pretty chill this year. Blake and I spontaneously got a last minute dinner reservation which, when we got there, wasn’t too busy or fussy. (It was delicious though, raw strawberry cheesecake being the highlight).

Blake had to work during the day so I spent the day shopping. I’ve been a little obsessed with decorating the apartment for the last couple months. Sometimes I feel self conscious about being in domestic-mode, like when I catch myself detailing to Blake my trip to Home Depot and rattling off a list of what we still need at IKEA. But really, it’s just a culmination of every thought and desire I’ve had throughout my twenties – wanting so badly to be able to see myself in the space I live in. And suddenly I feel a little more settled than I ever have, and it’s just the perfect time to do it. So, I thought it fitting to do a little blog shoot – where else – at home. Since I was by myself and working with my tripod, I really only captured one angle of the apartment. But here’s a little preview of how it’s coming along, plus some girly Valentine’s decorations to boot! Speaking of boots, here are the basic black boots I’ve been on the hunt for! I got them during a recent Shopbop sale. Super happy with them.

It was unseasonably warm this weekend which made for a lovely, sun-drenched apartment!

Oh, the rose-colored ring I’m wearing that matches my skirt? It’s actually a diamond shaped eraser ring from Colour Me Classic!

Once Balock-ay (Blake) got home, I coerced him into taking some revoltingly adorable photos with me. In case you’re wondering a little more about Blake, he’s a really talented music journalist and just overall cultural influencer who just happens to have lent his charm to a podcast recently! Really not trying to give him a shameless plug, buuut if you want to learn about someone passionate about his craft and learn a lot about music, give it a listen here on the Hooks & Stone podcast

By the way, those gorgeous flowers on the left are from him! He ordered them from Whitney, my former roommate and creator of design firm, Johnson & Ross. She puts together these beautiful flower arrangements with her creative touch. Waaay better than any generic florist! I added the feathers for a little bit of my own creative touch.

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