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Today I turn 29, the last year of my twenties! I’m suddenly greeted by a flashback to my 27th birthday, where a friend jokingly commented on Facebook “two more pretty years!” Ha, hope that’s not true and I don’t turn into a gargoyle suddenly. Anyway, I hope you’ll humor me through this post full of random thoughts on where one’s identity fits into a blog.

28 had its ups and downs, and maybe you didn’t know much about either because I’ve shied away from doing the super personal posts (aside from this one). I especially stay away from the types that aim to inspire or encourage. I think it’s because I rarely feel like I have it all figured out. I’ve made some great strides toward the things I’m passionate about, but I still feel lost sometimes. And that means I don’t feel compelled to take a motivational stance.

I avoid writing in a cheerlead-y tone or using oversharing as a medium of delivering some kind of enlightened perspective. That type of thing sometimes feels phony to me when I see it in the digital space. I love hearing about people’s experiences (more about that below), but it’s a certain exposing-just-for-the-attention type of post that irks me. I’m just personally way more inward-thinking so I find that I’m sensitive to that tone. The perks of being private is that I get to enjoy a true inner life — the line between my blog and my personal life is distinct. It also allows me to know that I shouldn’t assume a voice that doesn’t feel authentic to me. And I think that’s okay. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to the onslaught of perspectives we see on social every day. All that said, I am hoping to find a way to open up a bit more and share in a way that feels authentic to me.

Even though I haven’t been sharing much in the way of my personal point of view, I’ve become invested (in a more behind-the-scenes kind of way) in learning about how to better myself and how to be better to myself. Over the past year, I’ve been interested in learning the stories of people I admire, about how they’ve gotten to where they are. I’m always absorbing a podcast, probably to a fault — I barely read anymore! I especially loved the Radical Authenticity episode of The Lively Show, how Myleik Teele was so open and insightful about her missteps on the way to success, and I admired her voracious appetite for books! I’m also suddenly way more open to the motivational genre of books and learning about how different people process information. I love learning about how we can be kinder to ourselves and care for our emotional and mental health as much as we do our physical.

While I’m still trying to find what my personal brand of authenticity is, I’m absorbing and internalizing a great deal of others’ content and stories. Hearing about people’s stories and setbacks has a profound effect on my perspective. If there’s one thing I’ve gathered from them, it’s that everybody starts somewhere and all the small things you do help you get to your end goal.

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P.S. I was listening to this DJ Shadow album as I wrote this. I highly recommend you listen to it tonight (more of a chill night vibe):


  • Reply maurice labi 11/10 at 5:30 am

    You’re a beautiful, thoughtful gargoyle. The search for completeness is not in the answer but in the question. I’m so happy that you’re both reflecting and enjoying the ripe-young-age of 29. Love, Dad

  • Reply Susan Yee 11/13 at 4:54 am

    You know I heart you to bits. I am so happy to hear you share more of your inner self to the world. 🙂 xoxoxo

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