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Makers x Masullo Flower Workshop

When the weather starts warming up, everything gets a little brighter for me– my mood improves, farmers markets open back up, and I find myself taking more time to enjoy the little things. Maybe I’m overselling it, but I love the days leading up to summer…

Community Lifestyle

Galentine’s Day Dinner at Hock Farm Provisions

Galentine’s Day has caught on in a big way, you guys, and I’m loving the new tradition. The charming Ruthie and Kachet recently organized quite the soiree at Hock Farm Craft & Provisions, one of the tastiest farm-to-fork eateries around! Ten lovely ladies gathered…

Community Lifestyle Sacramento

Makers Mart

When I shop for Christmas presents, I usually go for a mix of store-bought and locally made gifts. I love buying handmade products I know my family will love and introducing them to a local artist or maker at the same time. That’s why it’s…

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Creative Mornings Sac

This morning was a good one. Aside from being Friday, it was the first meeting of the Creative Mornings Sacramento chapter! Creative Mornings is an organization geared toward connecting and empowering creative communities, and with the creative climate in Sacramento being as hot as it…

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Temple Midtown Opening Party

Sacramento is bursting at the seams with coffee shops, Temple Coffee being one of the absolute best. It’s been named one of the best roasters in the country, after all! They’ve set an incredibly high standard for local coffee here in Sac in terms…

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The People of Sacramento

Over the weekend, I met up with Zayn Silmi, creator of The People of Sacramento, to connect about the city and my personal blogging experience. He interviews all kinds of creatives around town who are following their passions and driving the city forward in…

Community Fashion Reflection

Galentine’s Day: Love Letter to My Ladies

Valentine’s Day haters no longer have a reason to groan because these days, it seems that Valentine’s Day has opened up to include everyone – it’s all about celebrating friendships or even just yourself. Enter Galentine’s Day. Once an inside joke for Parks and…

Community Press Reflection

Serious Talk. Seriously.

Today I made my podcast debut! I recently had the pleasure of being featured on one of my favorite podcasts, Serious Talk. Seriously., hosted by Johnny Flores. Check out my interview to hear Johnny and I chat about how Liz Lemon rocks overalls, endless internships, how…

Community Lifestyle Reflection

Favorite Female Content Creators

I recently read an essay called “On Pandering” by Claire Vaye Watkins that got a lot of attention for shining a light on the experience of being a female professor/writer in academia. Of her many fascinating insights, two of her points stood out to me on an…