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Liquidology Cleanse

I did it, guys! I completed the Liquidology Three-Day Juice and Food Feast! I’m such a fan of their juices, it was actually quite a treat. Between the juice-only and the juice-and-food option, I of course chose the option that includes food. That seemed…

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San Francisco Day Guide

Although San Francisco is just over an hour away, I don’t actually make many trips out there. Because it’s a little more of a rare, special trip, I like to plan out a few places to hit when I do make it out there.…

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Sunset Farm Picnic

A few weeks ago, Blake and I were invited to our friend Julie’s farm in Jackson in Amador County. It was jaw-droppingly beautiful at sunset, the perfect way to kick off spring! We mashed around the property on a golf cart before we hopped off…

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Guide to Los Angeles | Silverlake + Venice

Los Angeles holds a special place for me. Although I grew up in Sacramento and now call it home again, LA is where my parents met, where I was born, and where I went to college and stayed for a few years afterward. After…


Valentine’s Card-Making Party

There are plenty of charming, culturally relevant cards out there these days. But a quirky, homemade card? That’s a treat. If you’re looking to show your lover, friend, or family member you care, make them a Valentine’s card! Haley, Susan and I got together to zen out and…


Guide to Flea Market Shopping

It’s no secret I’m super into the Sacramento Antique Faire; I’ve posted about it quite a few times on this blog! I’ve become sort of a pro, so much so that I found myself moving through it much faster than my faire-mates Haley and Susan!…

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New Puppy!

Blake and I have been wanting a dog for as long as we’ve been together, and we’ve spent many evenings and weekends thinking, if only we had a dog to make our homestead complete… I guess that’s how a lot of people think about kids, but…

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Favorite Female Content Creators

I recently read an essay called “On Pandering” by Claire Vaye Watkins that got a lot of attention for shining a light on the experience of being a female professor/writer in academia. Of her many fascinating insights, two of her points stood out to me on an…


Netflix and Chill

Right after college, before I started blogging and before I got started on the social media career path, my first “real” job was as a content curator at Movieclips, a little start-up (at the time – it’s since been expanded and sold) that curated the best scenes…

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Birthday Thoughts

Today I turn 29, the last year of my twenties! I’m suddenly greeted by a flashback to my 27th birthday, where a friend jokingly commented on Facebook “two more pretty years!” Ha, hope that’s not true and I don’t turn into a gargoyle suddenly.…