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Black White & Pink

Jacket: Forever 21 // top: Forever 21 // purse: Forever 21// skirt: Nordstrom // boots: Zara  // necklace: handmade from Mexico Yesterday was my prep day for my business trip to Vegas. (Blogging from the airport now, actually!). It was a day reserved for…


One Faire Day

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) // dress: Urban Outfitters // hat: Urban Outfitters // sweater: Planet Blue // boots: Gap // necklace: Madam Butterfly (similar) Got to do one of my favorite weekend activities today – antiquing at the Sacramento Antique Faire. I don’t really…


Leopard Dress: Two Ways

Look 1: Dress and belt: Racks Vintage Boutique // Jacket: Forever 21 // beanie: Urban Outfitters // boots: Gap // socks: Madewell // ring and bracelet: Madewell // necklace: Madam Butterly Look 2: Heels: Madewell // blazer: H&M // belt: random LA boutique //…


The More the Merrier

Jacket, skirt, and tote: Madewell // knee highs and boots: Urban Outfitters Friends come in all shapes and sizes, obvi, but having a few fashion friends is just the best. Peeps you can chat with about the latest Instagram trends (Jaclyn, who was behind the…


Shorts Story

Shorts and jacket: Forever 21 // tee: H&M // shoes: Madewell // necklaces, from top layer to bottom: J.Crew. Madam Butterfly, Cuffs // shoes: Madewell I love wearing shorts in fall! With tights, high, chunky socks, or heels if I’m feeling adventurous! I teamed…


Sweater Weather

Dress: Free People // sweater: H&M // purse: Forever 21 // hat: vintage // boots: Free People x Jeffrey Campbell I thought I’d do a little shoot at Downtown Sacramento’s charming Crest Theater, since it’s closing temporarily. The theater operators are bowing out after…


Contagious Color

Jeans: Levi’s //sweater: H&M // necklace: J. Crew (similar) // jacket: Forever 21 (similar) // purse: Forever 21 // shoes Marais USA (on sale!) Sacramento, and every city, is better off with a splash of unexpected color. As a color enthusiast, I was so excited…


All Black Boho

Dress: Free People // crop top: Forever 21 // sandals: Madewell // necklace: Chan Luu // purse: Forever 21 // sunglasses: borrowed from Colour Me Classic I got this Free People dress toward the end of summer, and thought it a shame that I…


Victorian Edge

Top: vintage // pants: J. Crew (similar) // jewelry: J. Crew (similar) // bag: Supply x Deeda // shoes: Madewell // sunglasses: borrowed from Colour Me Classic I picked up this vintage top from a local vintage furniture shop that just happened to have a…