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This morning was a good one. Aside from being Friday, it was the first meeting of the Creative Mornings Sacramento chapter! Creative Mornings is an organization geared toward connecting and empowering creative communities, and with the creative climate in Sacramento being as hot as it is right now, it’s super exciting that we have a chapter now._mg_9180-copy

I first heard about Creative Mornings a few years ago when, probably in a Design Love Fest fangirl spiral, I stumbled across Bri Emery’s presentation (DLF creator and all around aesthetic tastemaker). It was so inspiring and revealing to learn about her ascent and creative development. Not surprisingly, her success is due to a lot of hard work. But how do people deal when the hard work seems never ending and the payoff is continuously disappointing? That’s what I like about this series. It’s a real look at what it means to push through, use your resources and believe in your craft.

The location was pretty perfect – it took place at the new CLARA Center for the Arts. A bright and airy space, it was so pretty as the presentation began and the morning light streamed in.

The badass lady we have to thank for our chapter is Rebecca Plumb, who campaigned for Sacramento as a city deserving of these rad creative gatherings. Rebecca is one of the founders of Honey Agency, one of the hippest, most tasteful creative agencies in town. As an agency professional myself, I’ve always enjoyed their work. Anyway, Rebecca kicked off the morning with a few words about her background, and then handed it over to Greg Patterson, the main presenter.

Greg is currently the Director of Live Events for Event Brite, and took us through his trajectory as a designer and a fan of punk music. The theme, fittingly, was “Sound”. I could totally identify with his passion for a particular subculture and being carried by music through multiple live phases – creatively and otherwise. It made me think about the role of music in our lives and how much it can help you think your way to the next step of a creative process.

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