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Galentine’s Day: Love Letter to My Ladies


Valentine’s Day haters no longer have a reason to groan because these days, it seems that Valentine’s Day has opened up to include everyone – it’s all about celebrating friendships or even just yourself. Enter Galentine’s Day. Once an inside joke for Parks and Rec lovers, it’s now a real cultural phenomenon. So, after our card-making party, Haley, Susan and I decided to snap some photos of us all together, dancing around in an alley like crazy people. “Are you guys on ecstasy or something?!”, one homeless man asked. Why yes, sir, we’re indeed high on ecstasy – of the friendship variety. To celebrate these two ladies, I decided to list three things I love about them or our friendship.


  1. I love that we met over the internet! I can’t say that about any of my other friends or even lovers. You’re my one and only “internet” friend. I’m so glad you commented on my blog all those years ago.
  2. Yeah, about those aforementioned years…we’ve been doing this for a looong time! We’ve had many discussions about why we do it, what we hope to achieve from it, whether we should even continue. But I love sharing ideas with one another and doing countless shoots where we make a ton of tiny decisions that build our respective brands. I texted you earlier this week after I browsed my “tagged” photos on Instagram, and was shocked to see how much cool shit we’ve done together. It’s exciting to feel like we’re finally getting the hang of this blogging thing.
  3. All your voices. The grandma voice, the bitchy voice, your Josiah voice (her bf) – I love them all. You slay me.


  1. I love that we met less than one year ago and you’re one of my closest friends! I remember the segue from working together into friendship. It was when you asked me after a shoot, ‘do you want to grab dinner?’. Bonding over fried chicken ensued.
  2. You’re a thinker. Also a doer. But more than anything, I love that you’re a thinker. You’re constantly challenging yourself, and asking others what challenges they face and analyzing the hell out of people, in the most positive, un-critical way. Oh, and I’ve never met someone as weirdly knowledgeable about the Meyers Brigg personality test.
  3. You’re super easy to read. Hahaha I don’t think I’ve ever told you that, or even if it’s true, but I feel like I can usually tell how you feel about something or when you’re ready to leave an event…you know, sisterly kind of stuff. Or maybe that’s just a reflection of my Meyers Brigg personality type! You tell me!galentines day blogger bffs blogger friends dance party dancingvalentine's day party 2016galentines friends valentines day friends valentine's day party valentines party with the girls valentines treat yourself valentine's dance party

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