Gifting Memories for the Holidays with Framebridge


Remember when you were in middle school and giving your bff a framed photo of you and her was the epitome of friendship? I love the idea of doing that in an updated way for anyone special in your life. Or even gifting yourself with a framed photo for your own home. I’ve been so focused on decorating our apartment with colorful art prints that I sort of forgot the power a personal photo has in making your home feel like a home.

In our current culture of carrying our memories around with us in the form of thousands of phone photos, it’s easy to bypass the thought of printing something out. Plus, I don’t even have a printer! I lost track of it between my college apartment and my first “real” apartment. Anyway, that’s why I love the whole concept behind Framebridge. It’s so easy to select digital prints on their website, either by uploading straight from you computer or by selecting one from your Instagram feed. Now that our Insta feeds are little works of art themselves, it’s fun to select your favorite memory and give it a proper place in your home.

I selected one of my favorite photos of Haley and me. We’ve done so many outfit shoots together, but I love this one we shot against a ginormous flower wall — we’re just being goofy, dancing around, and it’s such a cute portrait of our friendship. The other Instagram shot I chose was a recent one of Blake and me, from our trip to Portland. We had just landed, and the photo has that excited first-day-of-vacation feel. I just love looking at it, it makes me so happy. The other photos I framed are shown already wrapped — those will have to stay a secret because I’m gifting them for Christmas!

The other, very important thing I love about Framebridge is that it’s procrastinator-friendly! Usually when you’re gift shopping late in the game, you’re relegated to impersonal gift ideas. Hello, shower gel and iTunes gift card. But the Framebridge deadline to order any gift and print frames is December 18th. Not bad! Use the promo code babesicle15 for 15% off! See my shop-the-post round-up below for my favorite frame styles. _mg_9579-copy _mg_9976-copy _mg_9815-copy _mg_9947-copy _mg_9891-copy _mg_9804-copy _mg_9824-copy _mg_9814-copy_mg_9982-copy[show_shopthepost_widget id=”2248184″]

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