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How I Mend


Heartbreak happens. It never comes at a convenient time, and it doesn’t get easier the more you experience it. Each heartbreak is like a snowflake – they’re exquisite (see: pain) and unique and can turn your heart into ice if you’re not careful. I’ve been in quite a few relationships in my life so far, and I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want through their respective endings. But usually talking about them is reserved for my closest friends and family. Until now (*movie trailer voice*)…

One of my college roommates, Jessica, asked me to contribute to #howimend for the awesome new website/app she works for called Mend (they were just featured in Vogue!). It’s all about helping people (mainly millennials) through the heartbreak process by providing support, stories, and ways to connect and cleanse. The stories, of course, have been my favorite part. The founder asserts that stories have healing powers and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been really enlightening and encouraging to read interviews with creative professionals, entrepreneurs, etc. – powerful, successful, seemingly happy people who open up and share their disappointments and dark times. Although everyone’s story is so different, I find at least one super relatable nugget in each of them. If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat but equally open and honest, read Jessica’s Living Single column! She was such a talented writer in college, and it’s been so exciting to read her writing again with these clever columns.

I hope you enjoy my interview here, and I’d love to hear how you deal with heartbreak.

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