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Over the past couple years, as I’ve focused more on settling in to my apartment and making it feel like “me”, I’ve accumulated quite a few art prints. When purchasing them online, it’s always seemed like the default decision to elect to get them mailed without a frame. I always figured I’d take care of the framing “later.” Oh, “later.” What a tricky and illusive concept you are. Don’t get me wrong, I tried. I made measurements and trips to IKEA and local frame stores to purchase frames I was hoping would fit. And a few of them did. But a handful of the pieces I got — one large square print, another large rectangular piece, and a small poster — just wouldn’t fit any frame at any frame store. It was such a bummer seeing my favorite prints collect dust on my desk.

Enter Framebridge. Not only do they custom frame any and all art pieces, they have a huge selection of frames to choose from. Classic, modern, eclectic, rustic, they’ve got it all. Getting a piece of work properly framed is like getting a garment altered. It makes all the difference when it’s properly fitted! It makes a room look more sharp, and your art look properly cared-for. The attention to detail lends a room a certain je ne sais quoi.

The room I decided to liven up with a gallery wall is our record room. Blake and I are in there often writing, reading, and of course listening to records. It’s a creative space and therefore needed some creative vibes!babesicle_framebridge 25 babesicle_framebridge 20 babesicle_framebridge 3babesicle_framebridge 19

babesicle_framebridge 13


The Framebridge process is easy. You begin by using a digital photo of your art, which you upload to the site to digitally to select your frames. You can take a photo of your art, or better yet, if you bought any of your prints online like I did, you can just save the photo from the website you purchased it from. Once you upload the image of your print, you’re able to click through all kinds of frames to see which one looks the best. It’s fun, and also surprising! A frame that I may not have given a second look by itself — the natural wood frame — actually looked pretty great when paired with my sugar skull print.


Once you select your frames, you can choose to have Framebridge mail you a pre-stamped package, or you can just go ahead and mail them yourself. Once you mail them out, you receive email updates from the Framebridge team to let you know that your prints have arrived at their studio, that the design team has begun work on your custom framing, and ultimately that it’s complete and being shipped back to you. Gotta love that communication when you’re super eager to see the final product!

Get ‘Em Back!

The best part is undoubtedly unboxing your finished frames! I received them in a giant flat box, and was so stoked to see them all together.

Hang Your Frames

Since Framebridge installs the mounting wire on the back of each frame, I opted for classic nails. But you can also go for damage-free hanging strips if you want to avoid creating holes in your wall. Before you do that though, I would lay everything out on the floor and move your frames around like Tetris. Having another person there to help and bounce ideas off of helps immensely! I also like to work from a static object. For example, I built the placement and spacing around our reading chair, which I knew would be the focal point and anchor of the wall.

The Products and Prints I Used

Framebridge frames: Marin natural wood frame, Irvine clean white frame, Richmond antique gold frame. Save 15% on your first Framebridge purchase when you use the code BABESICLE15.

Art prints: Warm Geos by Britt Bass, Desert Details by Wilder California, Geometric Woven piece by Tusk and Cardinal, It’s OK banner by Secret Holiday & Co, Pink Wreath by Kate Roebuck, Sugar Skull by Sarah Cray

Untitled-1 copy babesicle_framebridge 10 babesicle_framebridge 7framebridge record roombabesicle_framebridge 4 babesicle_framebridge 26

Tips for Styling an Eclectic Gallery Wall

I’m not a perfectionist. I like things to look balanced and properly spaced, sure. But my personal style is for a gallery wall to have a lively feel and incite creativity and interest rather than be starkly “perfect.” I think when you see a gallery wall that manages to mix styles and still look cohesive, it stirs something in you. It’s pleasing in a bewitching kind of way. To achieve that, there’s no science exactly. But here are some things I’ve noticed that help make a gallery wall pop.

  • Mix textures. Particularly, work in a piece of woven art. Whether it’s stitched, a cut of beautiful shibori fabric, or some sort of piece of basket weaving, introducing something you want to touch has a pleasant effect when mixed with other mediums.
  • Play with colors, and choose the ones that speak to you. Sure, you can look up which colors are scientifically proven to soothe (blue) or energize (yellow). But what about what you’re personally drawn to? What’s your favorite aesthetic? I noticed that my Instagram page is full of green (soft sage and faded cactus colors particularly) and pink (electric pink, blush pink, I love it all). And you’ll notice that that’s the combo I chose for my blog logo/header. So it makes sense that I found myself purchasing prints that echoed that.
  • That said, don’t overthink it. Play with color pairings when you group your pieces together. That will mean omitting certain pieces that are too busy or throw off the vibe. It’s the sort of thing you innately know when you try different combinations. Feel it out, man. It’s often a good thing if the colors don’t “match” perfectly.
  • Select different styles of frames and work in different accessories and hangers. Having all the same color of frame can look beautiful, but don’t be afraid to mix and match. I purposely chose gold, white and wood because I thought they would look eclectic and mixed but still share a light, fresh look. I added a rose gold clip for the Wilder California cactus print, and worked in the “It’s OK” banner to add even more interest and shapes to the mix.
  • Add something with sentimental value. As with all decor, the addition of something that gives you the feels is sure to make the space more special. I added the head wreath I wore to Eryn’s wedding earlier this summer. I really wanted to find a way to display it because it’s still so pretty even now that it’s dried. Was so happy that Susan, as she was photographing this story, pointed out that it would perch perfectly on the sugar skull frame!

babesicle_framebridge 9babesicle_framebridge 15

babesicle_framebridge 1babesicle_framebridge 5babesicle_framebridge 22babesicle_framebridge 24babesicle_framebridge 16

There you have it! I hope you feel inspired to create your own gallery and have fun doing it! Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Oh and guess what? You can save 15% on your first Framebridge purchase when you use the code BABESICLE15. 

Photography by: Susan Yee

Ed. note: This post was sponsored by Framebridge. The products received in exchange for placement on Babesicle allows me to purchase props, hire a photographer, and allows for the development of additional dynamic content to be produced. While the frames were complimentary, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Thank you for supporting Babesicle!

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