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Huichica Music Festival


Take me back! Last weekend was one for the books as Blake and I attended and camped at Huichica Music Festival. Mind: fulfilled. Body: relaxed. Tastebuds: happy! It was different from the kind of music festival I’m used to in a very refreshing way. Far from the trendy, crowded breed of millenial-minded festivals like Coachella and Outside Lands, it felt more like a retreat or a secret excursion through the 1960s. I’d been told by some LA friends that Huichica was a “best kept secret” of sorts in Sonoma wine country, and now I’d have to agree.

It takes place at Gundlach Bundschu Winery, spread across the estate in their Redwood Barn (very charming and great sound) Hillside Amphitheater (loved that the seating was on a grassy hill) and Cave Stage. The lineup was a diverse selection of bands – a mix of psychedelic, soul, and beach pop. TBH, although I was excited about a few of the bands and especially headliners Allah Las, I really didn’t know most of the bands. But the curation was such that I left every listening experience as a new fan.

One of the best parts was enjoying good wine all weekend long. Usually going to shows and festivals means you’re succumbing to pricey beer sold on the grounds or taking swigs of hard liquor you’ve smuggled into your backpack. Not this time! Blake and I were sipping on a bottle of delicious Cuvée which we toted around all day, getting a gradual, leisurely buzz.

I was taking photos for Blake’s review he was writing for his magazine, Impose, and couldn’t help but snap some photos that suited my own taste. There was so much amazing style there – definitely an easy, breezy ’60s sensibility going on.

I wore my new Madewell shorts, an old vintage cut-out blouse and my new J.Crew denim jacket (which, apparently, I decided to drag on the ground).

Lots of stylish black and white!

Really enjoyed Pure Bathing Culture. At one point, a lady who was high on life (or probably some other substance) did a little show on the hay stacks in front of the stage. And by show, I mean lethargically crawling on stage, making an imaginary snow angel, and ending with a head stand where her dress came over her head. Weird stuff, but the band took it in stride and kept on going!

This is the winery’s camping area where stayed. What a view to wake up to, right?

Adorable camper and hammock. These campers did it right.

Just wandering off in the vineyards because why not.

We bought a bottle of this white wine I’m sipping on. And I finally can pronounce it – Gewurztraminer!

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    Love the photos! My favorite outfit was the one on the far left, black crop top and joggers. Miss you!

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