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Last weekend Blake and I rented a cute lil’ Jetta and drove to LA to celebrate Passover with the Israeli side of my family. After finally listening to the new Kendrick album the whole way through and several Maron podcast episodes later, we arrived at my aunt’s house in the valley. It was the first time I’d brought a boyfriend to the epic dinner my family puts together, and Blake did great! He sang the songs, joined in on the discussion, and tried and loved my aunt’s matzo ball soup. We made it into a full weekend with friends – dancing at my favorite dance night, Funky Sole, brunching at La Mill, and just traipsing all over Abbot Kinney and Silverlake. Between all the driving and excitement, I managed to take a few photos. Till next time, LA!


Late afternoon sun making for magical light play.

Happy Blake on the beach.

I just loved their front yard. What a work of art that cactus is!

Jill! My little comedic genius. I seriously hope she creates the series she told us about, involving cats, of course.

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