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Stylin’, Profilin’ with Sister Crayon


All photos by Cait Loper.

I recently chatted with Sister Crayon over beers for a City Scout story, covering everything from their new album and upcoming performance at TBD Fest, to their move from Sacramento to Oakland. As someone who is as much a fan of their unique brand of street style as their music, I would be remiss if I didn’t grill them about their badass personal style. After all, these girls have no shortage of personality, so it’s no surprise their style reflects just that.

Babesicle: How would you describe your styles?

Dani: Black, you’ll never not see me in black. I’ve always been a Tomboy ever since I was a child, since my dad treated me like his son pretty much. So I’ve always dressed how I wanted.

Terra: My style is weird. It’s all over the place. It’s always been that way since high school. Some days I’ll be super tomboy, some days feminine. Just all over the place. My favorite thing, if I have to run an errand, is I like the dress up as weird as possible. Like patterns that clash, ridiculous hats. This is weird – the older that I get, the more outrageous I like to be, and the less I care what people think. Like now, I love harem pants, jogger pants, all of that shit. I’m getting more comfortable expressing my style. And I love hats, like Official.

Babesicle: You’re partnering with Official, right?

Terra: We’re working with them in releasing a line called “Devoted” for the upcoming record. We’re going to release a limited edition t-shirt with them. Hopefully down the line we’ll do beanies, more shirts, and jackets, maybe even a hat. We’re stoked.

Babesicle: Describe your hat game.

Terra: Oh! We have major hat game. We do! Dani is more of a baseball hat-type girl. And we love beanies. I’ve always loved baseball hats, snapbacks, five panels. I’ve also started to wear the wide brim, almost like cowboy hats. I think they are so dope.

Babesicle: Who are your fashion icons?

Terra: I think FKA Twigs has the dopest style right now. Sampha’s style is really dope. Beyonce’s backup dancers [laughs]. Drake’s style is cute too. CocoRosie has, and will forever be, an inspiration for us. We like androgynous style. We’ve always been drawn to anyone on that fine line between masculine and feminine.

Babesicle: Is there a difference between your stage looks and everyday?

Dani: No. It’s the same. It’s more stripped down for her. She moves around so much so if she can throw on a t-shirt and a pair of pants and some tennis shoes, she’s good.

Terra: I’ve actually been wearing my Nikes lately because I move around so much. I really love wearing my old Nike Jordan 1s [onstage]. They are just super easy to bounce around in. I tend to wear baggy pants normally, but on stage I move around so much that I have to wear really flexible clothing, cause I sweat a lot. I wear a specific t-shirt every show, or at least I have for the last year. My friend, John Horton – he actually did the art for Low Brau – he’s made this specific t-shirt just for me so I wear it all the time. A lot of people can dress up and wear crazy, intricate clothing and makeup. But I rarely wear makeup, because onstage it just looks like I’ve been swimming.

Babesicle: Has the move to Oakland influenced your style?

Dani: Oakland definitely has a dope style.

Terra: Oh man, I feel like Oakland is beautiful – I mean it’s grimey as fuck – but it’s also very beautiful. You could walk outside and just see people walking out and they have this really dope, effortless style; it’s ridiculous. Everywhere you go, there are so many different types of styles. It’s definitely influenced me. I’ve been more open to wearing the types of clothes I’ve always wanted to wear because I live in Oakland. I definitely feel more like, ‘I’m in Oakland, so I can wear these flower pants!’

Dani: Yeah, cause everyone’s so different from one another. There’s no focus on one certain type of style. It’s all over the place.

Terra: I definitely feel more liberated.

Babesicle: Your personalities on your social media accounts are very genuine and honest, which can be hard to achieve for some people. Do you have any advice for people just trying to be themselves on social media?

Terra: I’m a feeler!

Dani: Yeah, that’s all her.

Terra: I get feedback from people who do appreciate it, which is awesome. I don’t know how not to be that way. I’m a very open person and I want to represent that as Sister Crayon. We care about what we do and we care about the people who care about what we do. I get a lot of people who tell me, ‘You’re so open on Facebook. I know exactly what you’re going through. That’s commendable.’

Dani: Or, ‘Thank you for saying that, because that’s exactly how I feel and that’s exactly how I wanted to say it.’

Terra: Sometimes I do wonder if I say too much.

Dani: Oh, you do! She’ll tell me something on the phone, and I’ll look on Twitter and it says the same thing.

Terra: Yeah, I’m a feeler for sure, and that’s the only way I know how to be. I see a lot of musicians, and I’m not knocking them, but I see a lot of them who try to play it cool. And I just don’t know how to do that. With Sister Crayon, there’s no thought into it, that’s just how I feel.

Babesicle: So there’s no secrets..

Terra: I mean there’s secrets! [Laughs] We just try to be genuine because we so appreciate people.

Dani: And that’s why I love coming home, because I see it as my home and I love how people are so warm here.

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