Summer Uniform


In high school, I was all about trying trends early. I graduated right before the introduction of social media, so I used magazines, can you imagine?? But in my adult life, I’ve been slower to adopt trends. Or I suppose more selective. That said, I love the bell sleeve. Voluminous, frilled, and flirty, a poofy sleeve is fun and irreverent without being too in-your-face. I went sort of nuts at Zara with all the different denim variations with frilly sleeves, and settled on this light chambray number. Cut to me immediately shrinking it in the wash after this first wear. Apparently I still have the laundry skills of a high schooler. :/Untitled-1

One thing I have gotten better at since high school though, is wearing sunglasses. I don’t know how I don’t have a million crow’s feet because I never used to wear them. I’ve since come to my senses and realized how much more tolerable the Sacramento sun is when you’re properly shielding against it, not to mention their outfit-boosting abilities.

I’ve teamed up with Eyeconic to show off a few pairs, and I’m loving this bold pair from MCM. I typically go for small, round frames, but I thought I’d mix it up with this oversized (or maybe just on me, I have a small head), square pair. I love how sturdy they are, indestructible against haphazard types like me. And of course, I like how they punch up a basic summer uniform like this one.1P8A8955 copy 1P8A8977 copy 1P8A9010 copy

In case you’re wondering, Eyeconic is the only site where you can buy eyewear with your VSP insurance-in-network. It’s basically making your vision insurance real sexy by allowing you to virtually try on and purchase eyewear online. 😉1P8A9032 copy1P8A9080What kind of sunglass frames/shapes are you all currently into? 1P8A9059 copy 1P8A9069 copy 1P8A9146 copy 1P8A9197 copy

Photos by: Josiah Velasquez

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